Mold is everywhere around us. It’s ubiquitous and pretty much impossible to get rid of completely. However, there are ways you can prevent and keep mold to a minimum in your home.

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Mold in your Home

  1. Get rid of wet spots – Drips, leaks, spills on the floor and carpeting – clean it up immediately. Letting moisture settle attracts mold and allows it to thrive. In the event of flooding, call professionals who provide drying services. This is one of the many solutions Blue Chip Restoration provides.
  2. Ventilate – Keep doors open around the home to let air circulate so things don’t get stale. Circulation keeps moisture to a minimum. Keep a dehumidifier in your bathroom and use cedar in closets to keep clothes fresh.
  3. Clean your gutters – Leaves, branches, dirt – when your drains are clogged, water gets stuck and the debris starts to rot and form (you guessed it) mold. This will also attract insects seeking moisture and could result in more damage than just mold.
  4. Keep humidity low – Do you use a humidifier in your home? Keep the levels where they won’t encourage mold by monitoring with a moisture meter which you can get from your local hardware store. According to the EPA, the ideal moisture level is between 30% and 60%. Excessive humidity could present other moisture issues, which brings us to the final item on this list:
  5. Check for signs of moisture and then fix them –Sometimes the signs are there but we don’t see them and moisture can collect and be present where you least suspect:
    – Rust around air vents
    – Condensation on windows
    – Your floors are cupping

If you notice condensation or water collecting on pipes, wipe the surface down and address the source of the moisture.

If you’ve tried and can’t get rid of the moisture, there’s a deeper, underlying issue that Blue Chip Restoration can fix.