Blue Chip Restoration recently completed a water damage restoration job in Brentwood in a family home. While out of the house, their washer didn’t stop loading water and with the laundry room on the second floor, the flooding leaked through the flooring and ceiling into the kitchen, dining and living area of the home.

Drying and Repair

Blue Chip Restoration was called in to help dry, repair, and restore the home. We worked with the family from start to finish to restore their beautiful hardwood floors and worked closely with them to restore everything to where it was as if no damage was done.

For general contractor work, build-outs, restoration and damage repair needs, we encourage you to call us immediately when any water damage occurs.

Remediation Flood and Water Damage

By reacting quickly our restoration company can mitigate water damage. Many times structural materials and personal belongings can be saved if get a professional restoration company involved early. There are special methods and procedures to be used to initially extract water and dry wet areas. Special equipment such as dehumidifiers and water extraction machines are used. Mold and rust can result if a building is not dried quickly and effectively. Water can enter your home in a number of way including a pipe burst or leak, a roof leak, and floods to name a few. Flood water is often the most damaging, as it has other contaminants and waste associated with it. Once your home or business has been properly dried, the building restoration process begins. Blue Chip is able to restore your property to its original condition and many times even improve the property. Professional restoration companies such as Blue Chip are also experts at preserving personal items which may have suffered water damage, such as pictures, clothing, and heirlooms.