We’ve come to accept (or not) that fall has become synonymous with pumpkins and pumpkin spice, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the crackle of a well-made fire in the fire pit. In autumn, the exterior of our home is our priority. Here are a few simple things you could do this season that will save you money and keep you safe, warm and cozy.

The Roof

Remove all dirt, debris and leaves from the roof of your home. Leaves can trap moisture which is the perfect environment for rot. “Winter is coming” and the additional weight of leaves under ice and snow will cause more stress to your roof. Sweeping or shoveling off debris now can save you hassle through our frigid months.

While you’re up there, inspect the roof to assess if shingles are missing, damaged or in need of repair. Look for other problems such as chimney or vent damage, soft spots and separating gutters. If you need a professional to perform the inspection we recommend D.T. Stokes.

Your Chimney

Maintaining your chimney, whether your fireplace works or not, will help to promote a healthy home. The air in our homes is in constant motion and having a clean, unblocked chimney allows the air to flow properly. In addition, having your chimney cleared of debris will reduce the risk of fire in your home. If your chimney is in need of inspection, cleaning or maintenance, we recommend Ash Busters

Your Gutters

As you start moving down, clean the gutters surrounding the roof. Even if you have gutter covers, it is important to take off the cover and remove the smaller particles that get trapped inside. If left uncleaned, freezing temperatures could not only damage your gutters, but could force freezing water back onto your roof causing damage to shingles and the roof itself. Next, position your downspouts away from the home and ensure they are clear and in good repair. Now that all has been removed from the top down to the ground, make sure to clear away leaves and debris from the foundation of your home.


In spring we want to let the fresh air in. As we move from fall to winter we want to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Some of your windows may be sealed properly and not need any action. An easy way to check for drafty windows and doors is to hold a lit candle near the edges of window or door frames – if it flickers or goes out, you have a leak. The best option is to caulk the outside of the window and add weather stripping to the inside. Another option is to add plastic shrink-wrap to the inside of the windows. Affordable kits can be purchased at most hardware stores. It takes a little bit of time but can be very effective in keeping the winter winds out and has the added benefit of lowering energy bills.

Now that you’ve completed all of these rewarding tasks, it’s time to relax and enjoy the crisp fall nights and rest easy that you’ll welcome winter with fewer things to worry about!