Ice storms, winter storms, freezing temps–aside from hoarding all the milk and bread your grocery carries, one important thing to do is to keep your pipes from freezing.

  1. Insulate your pipes
    Go to the hardware store and purchase pipe insulation. For a great DIY on how to wrap your pipes, click here.
  2. Drip your faucets
    This relieves pressure in your pipes to help prevent freezing. Drip both hot and cold water, not just cold. This is especially crucial for pipes that are against exterior walls of your home. If you’re worried about your water bill going up, trust us, it won’t be as expensive as replacing pipes or the repairs after a flood.
  3. Keep cabinets open
    Kitchen and bathroom cabinets left open lets warm air circulate around the pipes.
  4. Have your plumber’s number handy.
    Have Blue Chip Restoration’s number handy.

If your pipes burst (we hope they don’t) call us immediately 615.832.5300. We provide 24/7 emergency response and if you call us and we don’t pick up immediately we will get back to you within 15 minutes.